Frequently Asked Questions

We're in a brand new industry and everyone works differently. We're here to simplify and answer all of your questions.

We've already built a brand customers trust.  Now we're bringing that trust to the wholesale market. 

How we work

How to do you approve farmers or products?

Currently, all of our farmers are people we work with closely. We've visited and consumed every product we offer. Before we offer a new product or strain from a new farm, we inspect the farm in person.


How do I track my package?

You can use this tool to track your order. Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

How do you know the package will actually get to me?

We work very closely with the USPS. We're one of the first companies USPS Postal Inspectors have whitelisted to send hemp flower. They have all of our licensing, lab tests, and personal information of our executive team. Daily, we send out hundreds of packages for our direct to consumer business.

We're also working to become one of the first companies working with UPS. Currently UPS doesn't knowingly ship hemp flower. We've had UPS executives flown in to Southern Oregon from Atlanta to help create a pilot program. We should soon become one of the first companies to ship hemp flower with UPS knowingly.

How do you package items?

Everything is double vacuumed sealed including the concentrates and oils. We ship in ordinary cardboard boxes. We're very open to special requests for shipping so just let us know.



Does your bank actually know you're a hemp company?

Yes. Believe it or not, banking is a huge problem in the hemp industry. The vast majority of companies have bank accounts with banks that would shutdown their account if they knew. 

We worked over months with Bank of the West to a hemp friendly bank account. We're one of the first hemp companies to work with an American Interstate Bank.

Does your credit card processor know you work with hemp?

Yes. We can process payments up to $1500. Like banking, payment processing is a big problem for the hemp industry. We have multiple credit card processors who work with us, all know we work in the hemp industry.


Large Orders

Can I come out to Southern Oregon to view products in person?

Absolutely! We'd love to show you around. We're 10 minutes away from the Medford Airport. Contact us directly at:

Can I order in larger quantities than on the website?

Yes! If you're wanting to buy larger amounts at lower prices than you can find on the website. Contact us directly at:


Additional Services

Do you provide white-labeling?

Yes, but we have to work out the details over a conversation. We're working to make common items immediately accessible through this site.

I am a farmer. How do I join your wholesale marketplace?

Our onboarding process is extensive. We require all farms to be licensed, have lab tests for all material, and allow a surprise visit and inspection your farm. We do this to ensure no unregulated pesticides or other practices are used. Please reach out to us at