Blue Gas (Indoor) Hemp Flower: 14% CBD

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Blue Gas CBD hemp flower is a cross between Blue Dream and an Israeli strain called Avi Dekel. This is a very new hemp strain, so little is known about it. What you can expect is a cross of flavors and effects observed in the parent genetics:

Blue Dream is a famously balanced cannabis hybrid. This strain brings herbal, pine, and pepper flavors to the Blue Gas gene pool. Blue Dream is a popular medicinal strain that was bred from Blueberry and Haze, making it a sativa-leaning hybrid that grows taller with smaller and tighter bud formation.

Ave Dekel was bred to be a CBD-dominant sativa-leaning hybrid cannabis strain. It is also a popular medical strain with calming features. “Sativa” strains are not all energizing, but considering the parent genetics of the Blue Gas hemp strain, some users may experience this as a more energizing strain.

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