Goliath(light dep) CBD Hemp Flower: 9% CBD

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Goliath is a top shelf hemp CBD cultivar with a colorful and vibrant personality, primarily due to its lemonhead taste and aromas. Goliath was developed from Power Plant and Lowryder genetics to retain the unique Power Plant taste and smell. Its large tight buds are pleasing to the eye with its shimmering trichome covered, apple green flowers with high CBD percentages. The buds are rock hard, and the essences are insane with a super-rich bitter/bergamot/apple terpene profile. This strain is a nice choice to pair up with your morning muffin as the slow creeping exhilaration will lift you like the sun.

Goliath Primary Terpenoids:
  • Beta-Myrcene
  • Alpha-Farnesene 
  • Trans-Caryophyllene  
  • Guaiol 
  • Beta-Farnesene 
  • Alpha-Humulene 

Plain Jane is showcasing Goliath from the 2020 hemp harvest at very low prices. Be one of the first to leave a review for Goliath, Plain Jane’s new premium hemp strain. Whether you buy Goliath in bulk or a prerolled joint, we are sure you are going to be making it a new favorite. Highly recommended!