Hempress CBD Hemp Flower 1lb

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All hail the Hempress! This unique Amish-raised CBD hemp flower strain is a born ruler! Its ultra-sticky buds are covered in terpene-rich trichome crystals that burst with flavor. Hempress is thought to be a hybrid of the hemp strains Oregon Cherry and Abacus. The Abacus parent strain gives its super dense buds beautiful purple tones.

Hempress has a truly royal sensory profile with prominent citrus, pine, and spice that is reminiscent of chai tea. The Hempress CBD hemp flower strain is not the most potent but is a wonderful example of how terpene diversity and flower quality can have a bigger impact that the % CBD. Quantities of Hempress are limited, so you will want to try some now before it disappears!

Please remember to consume responsibly, this CBD hemp flower looks incredibly similar to marijuana which can lead to mix-ups with law enforcement and employers!